TDF Team Bacon CockWaffles

After some confusion, I have decided to post THE RULES for Tour de Fleece Team Bacon Cockwaffles.  Please peruse them at your leisure, team.

Rules (not guidelines):

Spin during the Tour, if possible. Saturday July 2nd through Sunday July 24th. All members of TDF Team Bacon Cockwaffles are expected to produce a minimum of one (1) inch of spun fiber to be considered “participating”.  If unable to produce said minimum, a player will be promoted to cheerleader.

Try to eat cake at some point during the Tour, in celebration of KnittingT-Rex’s birthday, July 3rd (2nd day of the Tour)

Take a button if you want one, make a new one, or request one made for you.

Look at something yellow at some point during the race. (Yellow is the color of the race leader in the Tour – but here we are all ‘race leaders’)

All Cockwaffles will be rewarded with knitted fingerless mitts, style yet to be determined, as a show of gratitude for playing.

Players may join as many other teams as they like- this is encouraged!  You may enter the same yarn in multiple groups for a shot at prizes.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to message KnittingT-Rex on Ravelry or KnittingTRex on Twitter.

Happy Spinning, dear Cockwaffles!

Yarny FIBERY love,

Knitting T-Rex  The Knitting T-rex



Half Man Half Bear Half Pig… ALL DOG!



I have the cutest, sweetest little girl!



Hope you enjoyed meeting her!

The Knitting T-Rex  Knitting T-Rex

More Le Tour de Fleece Prep

My last batch of fiber for Le Tour arrived today!  it came all the way from England- from The Rainbow Room.

It’s all gorgeous!  So Excited!




I’ve also been playing with a ghetto spindle- pencil,  ceiling hook, and cardboard circle.  it works!


Can’t wait to start Le Tour!

(gratuitous mention of KTB!!!)


Le Knitting T-Rex

Knitting T-Rex

Le Tour de Fleece (prep post)

O HAI everyone!

I haven’t posted in forever…  partially for a lack of interwebs, partially for a lack of interesting events…

I figured I’d post all my Tour de Fleece stuff in one place, since I’m on a handful of teams…

My fiber stash so far includes:


both from etsy…  I expect another package soon, from the UK.  Thanks Tony for teh fibers!

I also have

that I dyed myself.  I started with red flavr-aid and strawberry-watermelon MiO, then added pineapple jell-o and berry blue jell-o.  I did it in the microwave 😀

my dad and I played around with making a spindle yesterday.  we screwed a ceiling hook into a 3/4″ dowel (thick, I know!), but I don’t know what I’ll use as the discy thingy in the middle.

many thanks going out to Mr. Coty Cockrell for the future use of one of his spindles!  ❤

Right now, my TDF teams are

  • Team Bacon CockWaffles (a Twitter offshoot of Team Bacon Cakewaffles…  named after the aforementioned Mr. Cockrell)
  • Team Spindlers
  • Team Rookies
  • Team Hopelessly Over Committed
  • Team Sparkle Ho
  • Team Fleece Bottom Girls

My goals (so far) are to:

  • Spin fiber into yarn (never done it before!)
  • Spin some yarn with the Rainbow Brite braid and Firestar together
  • Not give up this project…
  • Spin some every day during Le Tour
  • Update teammates through Twitter (knittingtrex) and, when possible, through Rav posts.

any comments or suggestions?  Shoot ’em to me from Ravelry (KnittingT-rex), Twitter (knittingtrex), or email (!!!

Can’t wait to play!

Knitting T-Rex      Yarny Love,

The Knitting T-rex

Fixation Destination

So… here’s the super-easy pattern, please note, I have really small wrists and hands, so alterations would need to be made for larger sizes. Add stitches in a multiple of 4, to keep the ribbing awesome.

-Knit CO 48 on size 3 circs or dpn’s, and join
-2×2 ribbing for 10 rounds
-knit for 46 rounds
-increase 2 each round for 4 rounds
-place the 10 stitches opposite BOR onto holder
-knit the other stitches for 10 rounds
-2×2 ribbing for 10 rounds
-sewn bind off
-go back to stitches on holder and pick up 6 additional stitches in a knit round. you want these stitches to come from the side that is next to the section you just did. make sense? you’re trying to avoid a gap.
-2×2 ribbing for 10 rounds
-sewn bind off
-weave in all ends, and repeat for other glove.

These work for either hand, so you don’t have to switch sides for the thumb, though you could.

Any questions, send me a message!


Pretzel Christmas Crackers

Today I wrapped up the pretzels I made to give as mini holiday gifts.  I took a whole bunch of pics, but here’s the hilights:

That’s White Chocolate, Semi-Sweet, and Peppermint flavors, in case you’re wondering.

That turned into these:


Malikai “helped” with the ribbons!












Feliz Navidad Everyone!  Whatever holiday you celebrate, may it be glorious!


(here’s the extra pics in case you’re curious)


Muchos Love-os,     T-rex

Knitting T-Rex

52 Pair Plunge Badge


In honor of bestie Ajay Chasse‘s 52-pair Plunge, I have created this super-sexy badge for her sock-ees!

52 pair plunge badge


Enjoy it all over your own blog, Myspace, Rav profile, etc.  If you need help pasty-ing it wherever, either send me a comment below or a Rav message (id: ladyluckyduck)!  If you want a smaller badge, I can-do, but it’s this size so you can see the Cupcake-Bacon-Zombie part :D.


Loves,   T-rex

Knitting T-Rex

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